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Skill Assessment

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Positive skill assessment

Skill assessments are provided by the relevant skill assessing authorities. It involves the assessment of one’s qualification and/or employment against the credibility of a nominated occupation.

It is a mandatory requirement for some visa subclasses/streams to have their skills assessed through their respective skill assessing authority. The requirements, assessment process, cost and time-frames may also vary depending on the assessing authority.

Which Visas ?

In general, it might require you to get a skill assessment if you are applying for the following visas and/or streams:

– General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas
– Employer Sponsored visas
– Temporary Skill Shortage visa
– (TSS)Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)

Confused about getting your skills assessed?

We understand how important and crucial it is to get a positive skill assessment for your next step in your journey, we are here to help you with all the procedures and complications and take the burden off you. Let us help you.

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