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Student Visa

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Student Visa

The student Visa (Subclass 500) is granted to those who want to participate in a course offered by an Australian Institution within Australia which allows them to stay up to 5 Years and in line with the course enrolled in.

With this visa, the student can participate in an eligible course, bring family members to Australia and work 40 hours fortnightly (2-week period) after the course has been started.

Maintaining the Visa Conditions is Crucial

The students must always maintain all the visa conditions after the visa has been granted and within their stay. The condition(s) that might be attached to this visa is

8104 – Work restriction: 40 hours a fortnight,
8105 – Work restriction,
8201 – Maximum 3 months study,
8202 – Meet course requirements,
8203 – Limited study change,
8204 – Study limitations,
8303 – Not be disruptive,
8501 – Maintain adequate health insurance, 8516 – Continue to satisfy the criteria for the grant of the visa,
8517 – Maintain adequate arrangements for the education of your school-age dependants, 8518 – Maintain adequate arrangements for your education,
8532 – Maintaining welfare arrangements for minors,
8533 – Inform provider of address,
8534 – No further stay,
8535 – No further stay

Eligibility Criteria

The applicants must be enrolled in a course of study and provide evidence, satisfy English Language Requirement, maintain Adequate Health Insurance during the stay period, satisfy the Character Requirement, not have had a visa cancelled or a previous application refused.

The process preparation of required documents and the whole visa application process can be challenging, however, our experienced team at ABC Global makes it easier for you and guides you on your pathway to success.

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